Jessie Messy’s was once my childhood make-believe shop. Growing up, my sisters would help themselves to everything in my room, so I started handwriting receipts to keep track of what they had. They would come shop in my room, all in exchange for sisterly favors and would always call me Jessie Messy, so that’s how I signed their receipts.

Making candles started out as Christmas gifts. We had a “DIY” theme one year and all of us made candles for each other, not knowing it! I was a new mom and loved being able to express my creativity through crafting, and it gave me peace knowing every ingredient I was using was safe and natural. I fell in love with every aspect of making – mixing essential oils blends with my sisters, designing custom candles to surprise family and friends with - It was the creative outlet I didn’t know I needed.

After a year of research and rigorous testing, I launched Jessie Messy's in late June of 2020.

We are inspired by nature's purest ingredients to bring you non-toxic, sustainable and luxurious artistry.

Every product is made with your wellness in mind, using 100% vegan soy wax, pure essential oils, non-toxic fragrance and wooden wicks.  

I hope my product line brings as much joy and happiness to your home as it has to mine. 

Spark joy!



Founder of Jessie Messy's

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